Trilogi “Donna, Kelinci Ajaib”


This page contains information of a trilogy of flash fictions I have written. The trilogy’s entitled “Donna, Kelinci Ajaib” written in Indonesian. It consists of three short stories that link Donna, the magical rabbit as the central role. The stories are as follows:

Part 1: Kelinci Ajaib dan Gadis Kecil (previously Ommi, Linous, Crosui, Canasi, Ki)

Indonesian Summary
Donna, yang sebenarnya adalah penyihir dalam rupa kelinci, bertemu dengan seorang gadis kecil yang mengingatkannya akan sesuatu. Berburu dengan waktu, ia berlari menuju rumahnya di hutan dan mencoba menera “Barimu Sesethi.”

English Summary
Donna, who is actually a wizard in a rabbit form, met a young girl that reminded her of something. As she competed with the time, she ran to her house in the forest and tried to decipher “Barimu Sesethi.”

Part 2: Aranes dan Telur Naga

Indonesian Summary
Aranes, tokoh lainnya, dihadapkan akan sebuah tes yang sulit oleh seorang penyihir. Ia harus memilih telur naga terbaik dihadapannya. Dengan menggunakan pengalaman serta sedikit instingnya, ia memutuskan memilih salah satu telur naga itu. Telur yang manakah dipilih oleh Aranes dan mengapa?

English Summary
Aranes, another figure, found a difficult test given by a wizard. He had to choose the best dragon egg presented in front of him. Using his experience and guts, he decided to choose one of the eggs. Which egg and why?

Part 3: Teropong Galileo, Palantir, dan Buku & Pedang di Universitas Leiden

Indonesian Summary
Aku berjalan suatu malam di musim dingin hendak pulang. Tiba-tiba, aku bertemu dengan Donna yang kemudian seperti membawaku ke alam mimpi penuh imaginasi. Aku menemukan gulungan perkamen berisi lambang-lambang seperti teropong Galileo, Palantir, dan buku serta pedang di Universitas Leiden. Apa makna lambang-lambang tersebut?

English Sumamry
I walked home on a winter night. Suddenly, I met Donna which then seemed to bring me to a dream realm full of imagination. I found a parchment containing symbols, resembling Galileo’s telescope, Palantir, and the hung books & sword in the University of Leiden. What do they mean?

All the stories were fictional, written in Indonesian. The main concern resides in philosophical values wrapped in magical features. As I am still learning in writing such stories, I am happy to have your constructive feedback  :).

P.S. If you want to experience reading in a digital format (like e-book), click the Issuu version. Thank you.

Happy reading, my friends!

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