It’s the God-Given Right

Helloween adalah band Power Metal dari Jerman. Sejak tahun 1984, band ini berkarya dan menjadi salah satu rujukan utama band-band baru ketika berkarya. Banyak cover lagu mereka dibuat dalam berbagai versi. Baru saja mereka mengeluarkan album berjudul “My God-Given Right.” Ini merupakan album kelima belas mereka. Ini juga merupakan kali pertama mereka berkarya dengan line-up … Continue reading

Rasa Sinematik Luca

Album yang ditunggu-tunggu telah diluncurkan. Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody baru saja mengeluarkan album baru berjudul: Promotheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus (Promotheus, Symphony of the Divine Fire). Album ini merupakan album kedua setelah Ascending to Infinity dari band ini. Tahun 2011, Luca Turilli (gitar) memutuskan keluar dari band Rhapsody of Fire yang ia dirikan bersama Alex Staropoly (keyboard). … Continue reading

Menonton Konser Band Besar Itu …

Di sela-sela kesibukan studi dan pekerjaan lainnya, saya beruntung bisa menonton banyak band-band atau penyanyi kesukaan saya. Kebetulan saya suka band-band metal atau rock dan kemungkinan band-band tersebut tour ke tempat saya tinggal sekarang, Melbourne, cukup tinggi. Dulu ketika di Bali, saya harus ke Jakarta dulu untuk menonton Helloween, grup power band dari Jerman. Untuk … Continue reading

Qiu, Jelita Pemetik Guzheng

Seorang gadis muda bermata sipit tampak bersiap-siap. Ia membawa sebuah tas panjang besar. Sepertinya pemusik. Atau penyanyi. Saya awalnya membayangkan itu adalah keyboard dan ia mungkin akan bermain keyboard dan/ atau menyanyi. Ternyata saya salah.  Saat itu adalah acara bertema budaya Cina. Saya mendapatkan informasi ini dari Eventbrite, sebuah platform yang menurut saya cerdas, untuk … Continue reading

An Angelic Voice of Within Temptation

I have been listening to Within Temptation (WT), a Dutch Symphonic Rock/Metal band, since around 1998. I bought Enter (1997), their first album from a metal community in Bali. That time, I was still more into Symphonic/Power and Black Metal. I got the influence of the latter from a friend who studied in Bandung, known … Continue reading

Menonton Cradle of Filth itu …

Menonton Cradle of Filth itu … rasanya dibawa ke sisi kelam Carpathia #CoF Menonton Cradle of Filth itu … melihat langsung kemampuan vocal Dani #CoF Menonton Cradle of Filth itu … meresapi lagu-lagu klasik: Funeral in Carpathia, The Forest Whispers My Name; Her Ghost in the Fog #CoF Menonton Cradle of Filth itu … melihat … Continue reading

Rise of the Machines: When Robots Play Music

This news has been everywhere earlier (e.g. Metal Sucks, Loudwire, Ubergizmo, & Geekologie). I just want to wrap it here, too. Despite of showing human intelligence at one point, this may mark the point where robots could slowly take most of humans’ duties. Of course, to my opinion, this is more suited to ‘assistive type … Continue reading

Lounge Metal, What is That?

Accidentally, I came across to this new term. Well, not practically new, but new to my ears. Lounge Metal (or Rock). What is it to you when you heard of this? Previously, I searched some acoustic versions of famous metal songs from different bands, such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Nightwish, Angra, Helloween and Gamma … Continue reading

Behind the Drum and Beyond

I have a great passion in music, first, as a listener. I started listening to a music genre that probably, not many people are fond of, Metal. I remember I was head banging in front of the stage in one live underground (non major label bands) event, and suddenly someone recognized me while saying, “Oh my … Continue reading

Power Metal – Lagu Kebebasan

Power Metal is a heavy metal band from Surabaya, Indonesia. Born from a rock festival, They have a quite long story in the Indonesian music history; one of the best, I could say. I have written a post about this band earlier here (in Indonesian). Even though I talked about the band’s possible plagiarism (“Penguasa” … Continue reading

Rhapsody of Fire – Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio

Hi friends, I’d like to ‘introduce’ one of magical songs from Rhapsody of Fire, a “Holywood Metal” band from Italy. The title is “Danza Di Fuoco E Ghiaccio,” meaning “Dance of Fire and Ice.” This song is one of those written in Italian, at least one in each album. This one came from “The Frozen … Continue reading

Siapa Pewaris Semangat Kemerdekaan ini?

Today is the Indonesian Independence Day. I wrote a note to commemorate it. I am sorry that it is written in Indonesian. I just try to reflect on the celebration more meaningfully. Happy reading 🙂 Prolog “Hai, bapakku tentara!” Kalimat ini begitu sering saya dengar ketika kecil. Entah apa maksudnya, namun teman-teman sepermainan saya sering … Continue reading

Wanna See Me Dancing?

Friends, wanna see me dancing? 🙂 Cultural Day – Acehnese Dance – (Photo Credit: Bu Linda) Here’s a video taken from a workshop in a Cultural Day in LTU. The workshop was taught by Murtala and Alfira from Suara Indonesia Dance Group to students learning Indonesian, known as BISA (Bahasa Indonesia Students Association), supported by the … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 9: What Can I Learn from Luca Turilli’s Musical Journey?

Luca Turilli is a guitarist, songwriter & lyricist, composer, and keyboard player. He is known as one of the founders, main songwriter, and composer of Rhapsody of Fire (previously known as Rhapsody; originally as Thundercross). This band is an Italian Symphonic Power Metal band; often referred as ‘Hollywood metal’ due to the use of extensive … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 8: Iron Maiden!

Image Source Considered as one of the pioneers of the New Waves of British Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden is a band of success. Formed in 1975 by Steve Harris, it has a total of thirty-six albums, comprising fifteen studio albums, ten live albums, four EPs, and seven compilations (see more here). I’ve heard them earlier, … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 7: Metallica!

Source It’s weekend and it’s time for music :). I still have several concert photos from some shows and I am going to continue with this band. Metallica! This band has a long in the music industry and probably can be considered as one of the best thrash metal pioneers, together with bands, such as … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 6: Learning to Drum

Ingo Schwichtenberg (Drums, Helloween, 1984 – 1993) Born: May 18, 1965 | Died: March 8, 1995 Source This is about a band I used to playing with several years ago. It’s called “Gothic Princess”, simply because most of the band members like the gothic rock/metal type of music (that time). I happened to be a … Continue reading

Jonah Rocks – Drum Cover – Toxicity (System of Down)

I accidentally came across to a drum cover done by an amazing talented kid, Jonah. To me, if he works hard, with his pure young talent, he could be a great drummer one day. This was taken when he was 5 years old. This time, he is 7 already. Here’s one of his drum works. … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 5: Breaking the Chains with Black Majesty

Another metal jukebox! Yes, this is another jukebox on metal concerts seen earlier (For previous stories, please click the links on Metal Jukebox Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4). This time, I’ll tell about Black Majesty, a power metal band. I remember my first encounter with this band was when I frequently listen to Rhapsody … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 4: A Battle Cry with Turisas

Well, it’s weekend and it’s time for a post about music now :). It’s time for Metal Jukebox! This is “A Metal Jukebox Pt. 4” that contains a brief review and selected photos captured from Turisas’ concert (from two) that I attended. For the previous posts on Metal Jukebox series, please click the links of … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 3: When Images and Words Come True – A Night with Dream Theater

A friend buzzed me on yahoo messenger. He is an exchange student taking a 6-month-exchange program in this institution I currently study. “Hi Bli*, do you want to come with me and watch Dream Theater?” I know Dream Theater from an album, Images and Words (1992). One of particular songs that I could remember is … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 2: Meeting Slayer and Megadeth

This is “A Metal Jukebox Pt. 2: Meeting Slayer and Megadeth.” The previous part, “A Metal Jukebox Pt. 1” (Helloween’s Concert) can be seen here. To admit, the spot was not favourable that time due to late ticket booking. I am sorry for this. However, personally, seeing Dave Mustaine and friends (from Megadeth) and Tom … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 1

Image Source Hello everyone, for the purpose of sharing and having an archive on the cloud, I decided to post some photos taken on several music concerts I’ve been into so far. I name this as “A Metal Jukebox.” A Jukebox is a coin-operated musical-playing device (read more here). As much as I love working in … Continue reading

Happy Easter!

Image Source Run Easter Bunny, Run! This morning, the shy sun peeped through my window, half-covered with the blind. My room is situated in the eastern blocks and I am fortunate to be exposed in the sun every shining morning. I got up and prepared for today’s interesting experience. Yes, I would visit one of … Continue reading

Arai – Fatwa Pujangga (Sang Pemimpi)

“Bermimpilah, karena Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpimu”
― Arai (Sang Pemimpi)

Tapi sayang sayang sayang
Seribu kali sayang
Ke manakah risalahku

T’lah kuterima suratmu yang lalu
Penuh sanjungan kata merayu
Syair dan pantun tersusun indah, sayang
Bagaikan sabda fatwa pujangga

Kan kusimpan suratmu nan itu
Bak pusaka yang amat bermutu
Walau kita tak lagi bersua, sayang
Cukup sudah tandamu setia

Tapi sayang sayang sayang
Seribu kali sayang
Ke manakah risalahku

Terimalah jawabanku ini
Hanyalah doa restu Ilahi
sMoga lah Dik kau tak putus asa, sayang
Pasti kelak kita kan berjumpa