Menjadi YouTuber

Generasi jaman now sudah seharusnya mengisi diri dengan beragam keterampilan yang sifatnya original, unik, dan bernilai. Nilai dan ranking tidak lagi hal utama saat ini, karakter dan keterampilan lunak lainnya yang penting sekali diisi. Saya bagikan beberapa tips menjadi Gen Z (millenial dan post millenial) yang kreatif, unik, berintegritas, dan selalu berkarakter. Keluar dari pola … Continue reading

Zen Story: Right and Wrong

When Bankei held his seclusion-weeks of meditation, pupils from many parts of Japan came to attend. During one of these gatherings, a pupil was caught stealing. The matter was reported to Bankei with the request that the culprit is expelled. Bankei ignored the case. Later the pupil was caught in a similar act, and again … Continue reading

Saudara Jauh Asia Selatan: Satu Saudara meski Beda Negara, Agama dan Budaya

“Hi bro, it’s been a while!” seru Zahid suatu sore ketika bertemu dengan saya. Ia langsung memeluk saya. Saya tersenyum. Peluk memeluk itu biasa bagi saya karena saya belajar dan memahami perbedaan kultur. Bahkan misalnya dengan banyak sahabat laki-laki saya dari Timur Tengah, memeluk dan mencium pipi itu biasa juga. Bagi mereka mencium pipi – … Continue reading

Ice breakers for ESL/EFL on Edcanvas

I have heard and shared information about Edcanvas the other day on my social media. It is a free service for teachers to organize and share materials in a simple way and interesting format. The “canvas” is where you can attach and arrange various ranges of materials, including videos, images, links, uploaded files of any … Continue reading

Kisah di Toko Madina

Kisah ini terjadi di musim panas lalu ketika saya dan Manik baru saja pindah rumah. Karena kami belum terlalu mengenal daerah baru ini, kami bertanya dengan beberapa tetangga dimana letak pasar dan tempat belanja murah lainnya. Salah seorang tetangga kami, Mas Faisal dan istrinya, Mbak Dede, menyebutkan toko Madina, suatu toko daging halal. Dilihat dari … Continue reading

[Macam-macam] Kotak Surat

Lagi jalan-jalan, iseng nemu ini. Dari jauh, ga ngeh, biasanya ‘No Junk Mail’ eh ini malah ‘No Junk Male.’ Ahh semoga saja bukan saya heheh… Lain lagi ketika saya jalan di tempat yang beda, saya malah nemu yang ini, kotak surat yang sudah ‘ga berbentuk.’ Kotaknya sudah banyak coretan vandalisme, stiker plastik (entah untuk pengaman … Continue reading

Ten Amusing and Enlightening Zen Stories

I have been away for several days last time for a conference and talks. While I am composing new posts on the experiences I had lately, let me present you these ten Zen stories. I believe you might have read some of these. Yet, I found the stories were quite amusing and enlightening. It’s always … Continue reading

Stop Reading This, Go Back StuDYING

Snaps Edition: Library Vandalism. Here are some ‘creative’ writings I found at the campus library. Have fun! 🙂 Go back, study, study, study! Cause if you don’t, you’ll die, die, die! Bla, bla, (unrecognizable words), Come on!, Ayo! Let’s study! Surely, some fellow students could get tensed when studying. Nevertheless, it might boost your motivation, … Continue reading

The Cowboy’s Horse

A cowboy rode into a town. He fastened his big fine horse to a post outside a rough bar, kicked open the bar door, walked up to the bar and asked for a beer. When he had finished his drink, he went back outside, only to find that someone had stolen his horse. The cowboy … Continue reading

Come!, see snake bigs!

The best attraction!

Only for ladies and those who are gentle

This toilet is special. Only for ladies and those who think they are gentle…

A not so permanent tattoo

This is not really convincing for those who want to look cool ha? 😀

Closed the Door or I won’t Serve You

Another snap! I found this in a Vietnamese restaurant, a very crowded one, yet it offers delicious foods. To my amazement, after having meals, I went back to the parking lot through the back door. And guess what, I found this! Interesting! Anyway, their soup is ‘heaven’ 🙂

C’Mon in, Specail Price!

To continue the post on Snaps page, I also captured photos which are interesting to my opinion. These were taken in an Asian store that sells almost everything with cheap price! The first one is below. Interestingly, the other item also has the same mistake! They show similar ‘story’ but people keep coming to buy! … Continue reading

Things Can Go Wrong in the Airport!

These are photos I accidentally took in Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali some years ago. The first photo seems to be a notice from one of airlines but it turned out fatal and embarrassing (to my view). This notice is from Adam Air, already banned, after many incidents. One of the biggest is the plane that … Continue reading

The House Has Been SLOD?

When I took a walk to a tram stop, I accidentally saw this advertisement. At first, it seemed alright, but when I looked more closely, there’s something strange. I don’t know whether the agent put it that way, or there’s a mistake. Normally, when a house is advertised, and one agreed to buy or lease … Continue reading

Garage Sale, errr Gagage Sale

Here is my first upload on the Snap page… Almost every weekend, I like to search for garage sales available surrounding my place. For me, the art to search for things, especially if they’re cheaper than the normal price, is interesting. One day, my eyes were struck to a big pamphlet of Garage Sale on … Continue reading