This section contains contemplative thoughts on relevant main areas I work on in the academic setting. Please kindly click the links below to read more.

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P.S. I also curate some of relevant posts in Scoop It! under a topic of “Web 2.0 and Thinking Skills.” Have a look and enjoy. Cheers!

2 Responses to “Academic”
  1. Dwi Poltek says:


    ken2 kabar?
    Ape jemak/judul disertasi-ne ditu?
    Kudang tiban lakar s3 ditu?

    Eh, salam jak Mbok eka nah!

    Suksma (tolong reply ke email rage nah!


    • mhsantosa says:

      Halo Bli Dwi, makasi Bro be mampir.. Iseng bane, mekelo ing berkabar…
      Nah ke salamin..
      Smg sehat selalu bro..

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