Flying Birds

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 “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled” ― Plutarch P.S. This is not the NASA’s Curiosity Rover that landed on Mars yesterday. If you want to watch its landing, please go here 🙂 ©mhsantosa (2012) I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog or … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 5: Breaking the Chains with Black Majesty

Another metal jukebox! Yes, this is another jukebox on metal concerts seen earlier (For previous stories, please click the links on Metal Jukebox Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4). This time, I’ll tell about Black Majesty, a power metal band. I remember my first encounter with this band was when I frequently listen to Rhapsody … Continue reading

Withering Dusk

The twilight sets out, for its master is out of sight Then vanishing clouds; this withering dusk is the sun’s might Above the sea, the yearning for you is as red as blood, as black as night Yet, as I am embraced by your love, enjoying shimmering horizon is perpetually alight! P.S. The photo was … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 4: A Battle Cry with Turisas

Well, it’s weekend and it’s time for a post about music now :). It’s time for Metal Jukebox! This is “A Metal Jukebox Pt. 4” that contains a brief review and selected photos captured from Turisas’ concert (from two) that I attended. For the previous posts on Metal Jukebox series, please click the links of … Continue reading


Today’s season; Like listening to your harp’s melody Like watching you dance in the ballroom of destiny Is winter cruel to let maple leaves long for its journey? P.S. The photo was uploaded in Flickr. Have a visit and enjoy! ©mhsantosa (2010 – 2012) I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog … Continue reading

Joy and Her Stone

In a common room of this cozy house, there are some stones which are arranged in such a way, small and big, to a certain height. They happen to be stones taken from the beach. They look white and clean. These stones are not flat, they are somehow round; pointed edge. Therefore, the way to … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 3: When Images and Words Come True – A Night with Dream Theater

A friend buzzed me on yahoo messenger. He is an exchange student taking a 6-month-exchange program in this institution I currently study. “Hi Bli*, do you want to come with me and watch Dream Theater?” I know Dream Theater from an album, Images and Words (1992). One of particular songs that I could remember is … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 2: Meeting Slayer and Megadeth

This is “A Metal Jukebox Pt. 2: Meeting Slayer and Megadeth.” The previous part, “A Metal Jukebox Pt. 1” (Helloween’s Concert) can be seen here. To admit, the spot was not favourable that time due to late ticket booking. I am sorry for this. However, personally, seeing Dave Mustaine and friends (from Megadeth) and Tom … Continue reading

A Metal Jukebox Pt. 1

Image Source Hello everyone, for the purpose of sharing and having an archive on the cloud, I decided to post some photos taken on several music concerts I’ve been into so far. I name this as “A Metal Jukebox.” A Jukebox is a coin-operated musical-playing device (read more here). As much as I love working in … Continue reading

Happy Easter!

Image Source Run Easter Bunny, Run! This morning, the shy sun peeped through my window, half-covered with the blind. My room is situated in the eastern blocks and I am fortunate to be exposed in the sun every shining morning. I got up and prepared for today’s interesting experience. Yes, I would visit one of … Continue reading


There are two parts in my life, one is the sun and the other is the moon Let’s say they are two most important things, and yet they always bloom When the sun the starts the day, the dawn marks its way And when the moon starts the night, the dusk prays its mask The … Continue reading

The Four Seasons in Glass Panels

Here are four glass panels depicting the four seasons. It was created by Leonard French which was purchased and installed in this place in 1978. They were set up beautifully in David Myers Building in La Trobe University facing a beautiful green lady statue, maple tress and a green garden. Winter Glass Panel Spring Glass … Continue reading

An Evening in a Cathedral

Shades of lights shine in front of the sign of the cross This gigantic pipe organ hisses its euphony and tall candles stand firm on the altar Lord of lights, reflect the sins on fragmented mirrors Devotion, devoted people solemnly sit on each edge bar An oath has been made in Grote van Kerk’s Cathedral … Continue reading

A Promise to Promise

Love the love, my love These tulips are growing, engraving fragrance Kiss the bliss, young dove Peculiarity shall not pass A deer passed the street in front Joining logs and green tall trees The passion and the opera that you should confront Story wielder, this street lamp is amazingly passionate Shivering in this booth Cold … Continue reading

Tersenyumlah, Desak

Prolog Ketut* baru saja pulang dari sekolah. Ia langsung menuju kamarnya dan merebahkan diri. Lelah rasanya hari ini… Dengan mata menatap langit-langit, pikirannya kembali menerawang ke potongan-potongan kenangan zenith dan nadirnya. Hari ini rapotan. Saat pembagian rapot tadi pagi, ia tidak cukup berani untuk mengambil rapotnya ketika namanya dipanggil. Ia merasa tidak cukup baik kali … Continue reading

Come!, see snake bigs!

The best attraction!

Only for ladies and those who are gentle

This toilet is special. Only for ladies and those who think they are gentle…

A not so permanent tattoo

This is not really convincing for those who want to look cool ha? 😀

Pasir Putih di Brighton Beach

Berlari-larian di atas pasir putih Mengelap redup matahari Melambai-lambai tangan mulut berbuih Menantang debur ombak yang tak henti menari Terus, kemanakah butir pasir hitam dan hening kerang? Haruskah mataku matamu terus tak jemu memandang? Dendang kendang asah parang Bersama langit hitam bintang terang benderang Berlari-larian jamu pikat di kaki penuh pasir Penjemur badan hingga coklat … Continue reading

A Train on the Station

Do you know when flowers blossom? And do you know when leaves fall? Oh do you know when heat greets your face? And do you know when snow falls? A train will pass the Amsterdam Centraal and Princess Park And you need to stop A mad man with his bike and bag needs to park … Continue reading

Perahu Pagi

Deru mesin-mesin tandai hari Bising Seru cakap canda iringi mimpi Nyaring Senyummu mengembang bergulat dengan pagi Riang dan penuh semangat Meretas matahari yang masuk memutus mimpi Hangat Desing angin memburu setiap hela nafas Bersahut-sahutan, berkejar-kejaran Udara ini tampak berwarna seperti kapas Mengaburkan pandang, tiada jaman

Ayu, Gadis Kecil Cantik Bermata Bulat

Mata bulat Ayu tampak berbinar. Baru saja, ia seperti melihat seseorang yang rasanya ia pernah kenal sebelumnya. Tapi ia lupa dimana dan bagaimana. Orang tersebut masih sibuk dengan bapak Kepala Sekolah, Bapak guru yang mengajar bahasa tulibisu, dan beberapa orang-orang bule. Ketika bel sekolahnya berdentang, ia kemudian dengan malu-malu mengintip orang tersebut. Ia hanya melihat … Continue reading

Jupiter dan Bulan

Indah sekali dansamu, Jupiter dan Bulan Bersisian saling menjaga terang Elok sinarmu berpendar elegan Kisah tahunan akan janji bertemu bintang Kali ini tentang Jupiter dan Bulan Melepas kangen di gelap malam Terlupa Venus pemalu yang sibuk dengan Titan Kali ini berdua saja, sejauh mata bergulat kelam Langit gelap adalah kawanmu, Jupiter dan Bulan Berdansa sepanjang … Continue reading

THE SPLASH: New Life, New Motivation

I would like to share a bit about the history of THE SPLASH and what it has come across earlier from another perspective as compared to the previously published in the very first edition (vol. 1, March 2008, p. 2). Before THE SPLASH was born, I attended an inspirational workshop from the Jakarta Post on … Continue reading