Workshop tentang Academic Writing, Plagiarism, dan Referencing Styles

Workshop tentang Academic Writing, Plagiarism dan Referencing System Mau skripsi, tesis, disertasi, artikel, tulisan akademik ciamik? Berdasar kaidah? Menghindari plagiarisme? Membuat rujukan langsung benar dan sistematis? Tidak manual? Yukk ikuti workshop ini. Sila klik tautan untuk registrasi dan memesan tiket. Buruaaaannn, jangan sampai kehabisan tiket! 🙂 Detil lain bisa hubungi kontak pada poster. Mohon bantu … Continue reading

Professional Development Series (Session 1): 21st Century Learning & Curriculum 2013

Please see the link below. Note they are only highlights guiding the PD. Photos from Session 1 More sessions to come! 🙂 @mhsantosa Circle me @ +Made Hery Santosa ©mhsantosa (2014) I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog or share the link, all with my accreditation. Thank you.

Kawan, Jadilah Teladan, Jadilah Inspirasi

Tularkan semangat positif dan optimisme #selamatharipendidikannasional. “Kawan, jadilah teladan, jadilah inspirasi.” ~Made Hery

Bagaimana Indonesia Belajar dari Sistem Pendidikan Terbaik Dunia, Finlandia?

Saya baru menulis mengenai bagaimana Finlandia bisa menjadi yang terbaik dalam sistem pendidikan di dunia saat ini. Saya mencoba menghubungkan dengan konteks Indonesia. Tulisan ini bisa dibaca lebih lanjut di tautan ini (di website saya). Maaf kalau banyak tautan, ini semata-mata untuk arsip saya dan online profiling saja. Peace ^_^ Terima kasih sudah membacanya dan … Continue reading

Testing Scoop.It Newsletter

I recently played around the newsletter mechanism of Scoop.It, the content curation tool I use. I have three main topics there around Education and E-Learning, Creative Writing and Agent of Change. I have either scooped my own and others’ links or articles that I found interesting as well as important. In this era, to archive … Continue reading

Cliff and Sea

Cliff and Sea, a photo by mhsantosa on Flickr. A new photo uploaded. Edited. “Cliff and Sea” – Wanderer

An Autumnal Road

An Autumnal Road, a photo by mhsantosa on Flickr. A photo taken during one autumn. Edited.

Green Leaves

Green Leaves, a photo by mhsantosa on Flickr. Found this in the neighbor’s front yard; don’t know the name. I like to see all the ‘leaves’ form ‘a flower’ shape ❤

Saigon’s Many Colours

In Saigon Central Post Office, Ho Chi Minh: "Remember that you are your personality and actions, not your appearance or possession." -Anonymous, a photo by mhsantosa on Flickr. “Remember that you are your personality and actions, not your appearance or possession.” -Anonymous

A little princess in Princess Park

A little princess in Princess Park, a photo by mhsantosa on Flickr. This is a lovely view taken in Princess Park on one evening. Hope you like it 😉

If you’d wish for one’s warm heart, let yours blossoms wide apart

See on – Serendipitous Delight “If you’d wish for one’s warm heart, let yours blossoms wide apart.” -Santosa Just a quote I scooped from my Pinterest. Have a nice day, my friends 🙂 Source

Personalize Learning: Blended Learning is Not the Only Way to Personalize Learning

See on – blended learning Blended learning means offering a combination of face-to-face and online learning opportunities to learners. Blending these learning opportunities can contribute to personalizing learning. However, blended learning is not the only approach that personalizes learning. Personalizing learning starts with the learner. This means that learners have a stake in their … Continue reading

Deeper Learning and 21st Century Skills

See on – blended learning Business and political leaders are increasingly asking schools to integrate development of skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration into the teaching and learning of academic subjects. Collectively these skills are often referred to as “21st century skills” or “deeper learning.” See on

SlideSpeech, presentations with voice

See on – Moodle and Web 2.0 By reading the speaker notes in your presentation using the latest text-to-speech technology, SlideSpeech ensures your message comes across loud and clear. See on

The Basics of Blended Learning

See on – Digital Delights Learn about Education Elements and high level concepts of blended learning. See on

Constructivism and Online Learning

See on – Teaching in the XXI century Huang, H. (2002). Toward constructivism for adult learners in online learning environments. British Journal of Educational Technology. Vol 33. No 1. 27-37. Online learning requires a… See on

Researchers of Tomorrow : JISC

See on – Web 2.0 and Thinking Skills Researchers of Tomorrow is the longest and most intensive research to date on information-seeking practices and research behaviour among doctoral students. See on

What is a 21st century teacher?

See on – Web 2.0 and Thinking Skills If we want to gain respect as a profession, then we must embrace a 21st century model of constant growth and improvement.   Be a reflective practitioner.   This is probably one of the most important areas, as we as a profession have in many ways … Continue reading

Ginger: A Spelling and Grammar Correction Tool

Migration #2 According to the developer, “Ginger Software is the ultimate writing tool and a personal English tutor that emphasizes on contextual spelling and grammar correction.” They claim that by using Ginger, there’s no need to worry to make embarrassing mistakes when writing an email, a word document, or posting a blog or a comment … Continue reading

Using QR Codes in Education

Migration #1 This is a migrated post #1 from my posterous site with some refinements due to recent updates. I’ve been thinking that I will keep everything in one site, which is this page. So, there will be some posts related to academic matters in latter times in addition to poetry, story, photography, and music in … Continue reading

Teacher Tech Talk | The Socratic Process – 6 Steps of Questioning (infographic)

See on – Web 2.0 and Thinking Skills See on

10 Alasan Mengapa Jangan Menjadi Pengajar Muda – Indonesia Mengajar

See on – Web 2.0 and Thinking Skills Saya yakin teman-teman banyak mendapat masukan agar ikut Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar. Namun, agar informasi Anda seimbang, sesuai pengalaman saya, saya ingin berbagi mengenai 10 alasan … See on


Image Source My love, it’s quite a chill to see Your eyes are concealed, yet full of serendipity The desert’s silent grandeur may lack showers of rain But one may see lights though he is blind* My love, it’s about the passion to flee And when I see your smiles of joy The warmest touch … Continue reading

103 Digital Tools for the 21st Century Classroom

Via – Web 2.0 and Thinking Skills A list of solid educational tools for the 21st century classroom. Via

25 Free writing sites for prompts, exercises, lesson plans and more

Via – Web 2.0 and Thinking Skills 25 Free writing sites for prompts, exercises, lesson plans and more. Via