A Journey towards Radiance

St Kilda Beach

The look in your eyes
So cold, as cold as the freezing lake
Near the amusement park
Where I used to hanging out
With you, and the swans, and the ducks

The smile’s now vanished
Into cruelty
As the vampire princess
In the dark night
In the chill ice

But I can feel your heart
Is still warm
Is open
Is putting faith
On the angel’s smile
On the journey towards radiance

Photo   : St. Kilda Beach
Source : ©Santosa Photography

©mhsantosa (2012)
I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog or share the link, all with my accreditation. Thank you.

5 Responses to “A Journey towards Radiance”
  1. levuhoangoanhqn says:

    I don’t know what’s your interesting encounter.
    I am stucked about a presentation. How do you usually get inspired?

  2. levuhoangoanhqn says:

    Are you in my situation? Missing faraway one or current one?

    • Made Hery Santosa says:

      What situation? Well, as a poetry writer, I’d rather say it’s an interesting encounter. For anyone.

      Cheers Oanh 🙂

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